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Meet the Board at StoryTeller's Express, Inc.

Carolyn Parker, our Founder and President lives in upstate New York and has years of experience in rescue, transport, and adoption of animals.   She grew up around a wide variety of animals on the family farm and has always found a deep bond with dogs.   She is actively involved in her community in assisting with placement as well as working with high kill shelters in order to save animals that might never have a chance at a happy home.  She has two adult children and a house full of love and foster dogs!
Tatjana Dreger Vaughan, Vice President of StoryTeller's, resides in VA and also acts as Primary Transport Coordinator.  Her multi-tasking abilities are second to none as she fosters, processed applications, and counsels new drivers/adopters/fosters on proper protocol. Tatjana, Kurt, and her beautiful daughter Hannah are the quintessential rescue family and we're blessed to have them!
Mary Bowen, our Treasurer hails from upstate NY but has lived in TX for years. Mary & Carolyn met online and have shared a friendship across the miles for almost 20 years. Mary grew up with labs and has always loved dogs of all breeds and with her decades of accounting experience she jumped at the chance to become Treasurer and supporter for StoryTeller's Express, Inc. She has an amazing family that also supports her adoptions of animals in need
Susan, our Secretary, met Carolyn online about 20 years ago playing spades. They struck up a friendship and soon learned they shared the same love for animals. Susan and her husband moved to SC in 2005 and soon started independently rescuing by helping the stray cats coming in their back yard. Not long after, they found a passion for transporting when Carolyn tagged Sue on the state transport page and this created a bond which welcomed Sue & Karl formally into the rescue world. From there they started fostering for rescues in June of 2012 and their home has been a revolving door helping the needy animals of SC by providing a safe place until they were ready for transport to head to their rescue. 
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