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Our available dogs are all in foster homes throughout the Eastern and Southern U.S.


Free Transport to Approved Adopters Available!

One of these amazing pups is waiting to become your new family member!!

Our Available Family Members:


Ralphie is a 4 mo old lab mix. He was surrendered as a lab pup born 7.21.23 Ralphie has the most adoring personality. He LOVES his people. He's great with other dog-loving dogs. Ralphie can become a part of your family under our puppy contract adoption: $250 adoption fee plus $50 neuter deposit. He must be neutered by 30 days after his 6 mo bday to be eligible for a refund of the neuter deposit. He's up to date on shots/prevention and microchipped. Ralphie says he's ready to go :D


Wynter is a six mo old golden retriever (female) (DOB 5.20.23) and will do best in a home with another dog. Wynter's adoption fee is $350 plus a $50 spay deposit which is refunded when spayed by 30 days after her six month birthday She comes from a puppy mill and will require leash and potty training. She is very sweet but scared as of now.


Brynlee came to us as a 4 yr old french/english bulldog mix. We aren't sure if that's correct, but that's what we were told. She is smaller than the pics look (frenchie size). Brynlee has had her shots and preventatives and is 4dx negative. She can go out as a foster to adopt until spay is complete and at that time we would finalize her adoption. Her adoption fee is $400

Minnie 6yo BMD

***On Medical Hold*** Sweet Minnie is a 6 yr old Bernese Mountain Dog who just arrived in rescue. She has an old leg injury which we are investigating and will not be ready for a bit but you're welcome to apply. Minnie is slowly gaining trust and loves doggies. Her adoption fee will be $450


***Special Needs*** Tonka DOB (8.2.19) Tonka has spina bifida and will be incontinent for his whole life (requiring diapering) Tonka is neutered and up to date on shots. He gets along fine with other friendly dogs. No experience with cats. No children under 10. Adoption Fee: $250

Brutus 1.19.2020

***Special Needs*** Brutus DOB (8.21.19) Brutus has spina bifida and is incontinent so he will wear diapers his whole life. Very manageable - a couple changes a day and a good butt bath at night. Brutus is a feisty little guy and would probably love being your one and only baby. He's super energetic and playful with people. He loves to sleep at night with his little head on your ankle :) Brutus is fully vetted now and can travel to an approved home. Adoption Fee: $250


Foster/Transport/Process Apps

StoryTeller's Express, Inc. was formed on the premise that all dogs have a story and through rescue & transport assistance we can pen our part in the magical adoption stories for many unwanted & abandoned shelter pups.  While we are a 501c3 NYS registered non profit, we foster dogs in various states on the east coast, southeast, and midwest. We provide free transport to approved adopters through our volunteer transport network.
Families who adopt and/or receive transport assistance from our volunteers gain not only a new family member, but also a story of love and commitment from absolute strangers who's only common link is the love for their new dog. Together we create a bond between volunteers, dogs, and their new families. A fairy tale happy ending if ever there was one, and something to share with pride.
We can't make all of this happen without the volunteers, and there's need for all aspects: Application Review, Fosters, Transport Coordinators, Transport Monitors, Home Visit Reps, Volunteer Transporters, Reference Checkers, Web Programmers, Design Artists, and the list goes on.
As a 501c3 organization, fosters & volunteers are eligible to take tax deductions for acceptable expenses.
Organizations We Belong To:

Adoption Fee Schedule:

Fully Vetted Dogs & Puppies (spayed or neutered & up to date with age appropriate shots) - $250&up

Puppies (Unaltered due to age but up to date on age appropriate shots - comes with spay/neuter clause & deposit - $250 and up(+$50 deposit)

Seniors (spayed/neutered & up to date on shots) - $100 reduction on fees above (Adoption fee noted on each dog)

**Some Exceptions will be made based on individual dogs' needs. Each Dog has their adoption fee listed under their picture. Please be sure to verify prior to application***

Specialty Breeds - (spayed/neutered/up to date on shots) *will be noted on dog's profile* - $100 in addition to adoption fee schedule above



For Your Adoption Fee!

As a 501c3 organization, your donations can be considered for tax deductions and go to help the many dogs we take in who's medical costs extend far beyond what an adoption fee covers
<3 All Dogs Have A Story...Some are more heartbreaking than others but they all deserve a second chance <3
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